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Title: Jeff production bits
Post by: Admin on Apr 22, 2004, 05:38
I noticed this bit in an interview with Julian Lennon on the website:


"In looking for producers I really wanted to find someone that could - take out of me what I believed I had in me. I mean, there were certain things I was trying to say that I felt never really came out before. Maybe it was because I was still too shy about things or insecure about certain things and I'd met several producers, all of which I liked, all of whom I'd liked. I met Jeff Lynne who I thought was fantastic, very sweet, lovely man, but I think Jeff would have been perfect if I'd have had the songs fully prepared and ready and ready to roll. "

Title: Jeff production bits
Post by: Admin on Apr 22, 2004, 05:56
Found this bit in a Randy Newman Interview by Scott Jordan


"On the thing [producer] Jeff Lynne cut of mine, "Falling In Love," we did it all in Mike Campbell?s garage, Tom Petty?s guitar player. Petty was there, and we were going to do background voices. I said, ?I can?t really do that.? I look at [Don] Henley or these guys doing it, and I can?t sing in tune like that. And Petty says to me, ?No, you can do it. With Jeff, I didn?t think I could do it either, but when I did it with Jeff, we could do it.? So I got in there, and there was Petty, and Campbell, and we were all going to make our ?oohs.? So I put my hand over my ears like I?d seen people do (laughs), and the thing came up, and I went, ?Uungh," and this went on for a while, and I saw Jeff Lynne shaking his head like he smelled something bad. And he looked over at me, and it was a look of, ?Are you putting us on? Are you kidding?? It had a little pity in it, but it was mainly like, ?You?re joking, aren?t you?? So we did it again, and I went ?Aaah,? and apparently he had never heard anyone that bad. So he just said, ?Maybe you better sit this one out.? So you can?t help but getting smacked no matter how far you go."