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Title: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: Lydion on Apr 06, 2007, 10:13
ELO albums reviews

1981 Time ******
I was less than 10 years old and this album was my introduction to ELO, and it blew me away. The only thing I place higher than this album is God himself. I have played it over and over again for many decades now and I?ve never grown tired of it. My first favourite track was ?The lights go down? but I?ve grown to love all the tracks on this album. The hardest track for me to like was ?From the end of the world?, as it didn?t seem to fit in with the rest of the tracks. A masterpiece track on this album is the song ?Rain is falling?, that song is pure ELO magic. The song ?The way life?s meant to be? is a wonderful pop song that smells of hit material. The song ?Yours truly 2095? is very hypnotizing and is a great rocker, and I love the vocal effects. The song ?21st century man? is an incredibly beautiful yearning ballad, but I was a bit let down when I heard that it was a tribute to Lennon (I?m a Macca fan). Also beautiful is the song ?Ticket to the moon? but it may just be a bit too depressing. I find most of the songs on the album to be very uplifting, in spite of the lyrics generally being philosophical sadness. Overall the album is very dreamy and makes you float into meditation of fantasy. I think the nearly instrumental mid-part ?Another heart breaks? is very effective, and it?s interesting how a keyboard can sound like a guitar. Another effect is that the songs are connected into a concept and that creates a sense of oneness. The opening track ?Twilight? is almost a bit too heavy for a soft person like me, but it is beautiful beyond words. I would call 1981 the peak for ELO. Even the b-sides 45 singles were masterpieces, so that just proves it. And the cover painting suits the music very nicely.

1979 Discovery ******
This is I think a perfect ELO album. It is just slightly worse than Time from 1981 in my book. On this albums the songs seems freer and not so attached to each other, but they still feel like all the songs belong together. I would call every song on this album for a hit, except for the song ?The diary of Horace Wimp?, which I just don?t like for some unknown reason. I believe my favourite song could be ?Confusion?, although it is difficult to pick a favourite among so many wonderful songs. I like the disco feel of the album. I think it was very clever of ELO to make this disco album. One thing with ELO is that every album is very different from one another. Every ELO album is unique. The song ?Midnight blue? is an incredibly beautiful ballad. And I really enjoy the great disco hit ?Last train to London?, which I consider the heart of the album. The opener ?Shine a little love? is also a perfect disco tune. The song ?Need her love? is full of wonderful yearning. The song ?On the run? is full of memories and is maybe the most memorable song on the album along with ?Confusion?. The rocker ?Don?t bring me down? is also a nice one but almost slightly too heavy for me. The album cover is a very good one and tells a story which continues on the inside cover.

1976 A new world record *****
This is also a masterpiece. It contains my ultimate favourite ELO song ?Telephone line?, which I believe is one of the most incredible songs ever made. I have no words to describe how beautiful that song is. The worst song on this album is ?Rockaria? although it is not too bad either. I think ?Tightrope? is a great opener to this album. The last song ?Shangri-la? is very beautiful but it also include a part of Jeff Lynne that I do not like, which is the fact that he is worshipping the Beatles, and that I cannot resonate with. But overall the songs on this album are of very high quality. And the album cover is great.

1977 Out of the blue *****
This album has the very silly but lovely song ?Jungle?, and overall this album is a mix of things. The song ?Steppin out? sticks to the mind and is a song I very often think of. My favourite song on this album is ?Summer and lightning?. The album cover is like taking the cover on the previous album a bit step further. I must admit that I think ?Mr blue sky? is crap. But I do like this album very much. ?Sweet talking woman? is like a preview to the Discovery album. This is a classic ELO album and serves well as a double album.

1975 Face the music ****
I like this album very much but it is a bit scary too. The album opener along with the album cover creates a sense of horror, and I like it, although I don?t know why. Personally I find this album to be the first real ELO album. The previous albums were not quite my taste although I love the songs ?Can?t get it out of my head? and ?Showdown?. The song ?Fire on high? is a masterpiece and kind of progressive. And ELO is one of the bands that only say nice things backwards. The album opens extremely dramatically. ?Fire on high? is very professionally made I think. The next track on the album, which is ?Waterfall?, is the most beautiful song on this album. It is a very powerful ballad. The whole album is very good. ?Poker? is a great rocker and ?Strange magic? is very calm and gentle. Overall the album feels a bit harder than what would come later, and even the album cover indicates that this ride may have rough parts.

1980 Xanadu ****
This is half-a-ELO album, but a very nice half too. It is very beautiful music to a crappy movie.

1983 Secret messages ***
This album would have worked better as a double album. The songs don?t seem to belong together. I like the song ?Loser gone wild? very much although it is a very strange song. Another strange tune is ?Endless lies?, which is much better than the 1985 version. ?Hello my old friend? is a masterpiece that strangely was left out of the album. It would have been perfect for the album. The whole album is a bit strange, even the album cover is full of strange mysteries. ?Rock and roll is king? is great but not that great either. I like that song but I can feel that Jeff Lynne is losing it now. The ability to write great songs seems to be beginning to fade away. ?Rock and roll is king? is desperately trying to be great, and it is too, although it is not among my favourites. The song ?Stranger? does not sound like ELO at all, but it is a very nice song. The song ?Secret messages? sounds very 80-ish. I like this album although I think it has a lot of weak parts. It is not a great album but not bad either. I?m so glad that ?Beatles forever? is not officially released. The tune is nice but the lyrics are just too dumb. This is an album I seldom listen to anymore.

1985 Balance of power ***
This is a nice album. It is not very memorable but it?s a cute album. There are great songs like ?Calling America? and ?So serious? and ?Getting to the point?, but somehow I feel that this album is going nowhere. The album cover could have been better. And the album itself could have been longer.

1974 Eldorado **
I mainly like one song on this album (Can?t get it out of my head). I don?t understand why everybody seems to love this album so much. I do not think this album is bad, but it?s just that I personally don?t resonate with the songs on this album, and the album cover is not the best either.

1973 On the third day *
The only good song on this album (Showdown) was originally left out of the album for a single release only. And the album cover is freighting terrible. Get a haircut for heaven?s sake.

1972 ELO 2 *
This is not a bad album, but I just don?t like it very much.

1971 ELO *
If the songs ?The words of Aaron? and ?Message from the country? and ?What? had been on this album it would have been so much better.

2001 Zoom *
This album is a joke.

But don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE ELO & Jeff Lynne.

Title: RE: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: ELOkid222 on Apr 13, 2007, 10:20
Secret Messages is a great underrated album.

Title: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: Daan on May 05, 2007, 02:11
I was wondering why do you think Zoom is a joke  ?

Title: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: whiskeygirl on May 05, 2007, 03:54
Quote from: "Daan"
I was wondering why do you think Zoom is a joke  ?

Try the fact that it's called an ELO album when there's neither a band nor an orchestra on it - in reality it's a Jeff Lynne solo album.

Hence, as an ELO album, it's a joke.


Title: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: Daan on May 05, 2007, 04:43
Quote from: "whiskeygirl"
Quote from: "Daan"
I was wondering why do you think Zoom is a joke  ?

Try the fact that it's called an ELO album when there's neither a band nor an orchestra on it - in reality it's a Jeff Lynne solo album.

Hence, as an ELO album, it's a joke.


I agree it's more a solo project  , but i think the music from Zoom is  better than ELO's work in the late 80's . Not that i don't like Secret Messages or Balance Of Power  :wink:

Title: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: jeffelofan on May 08, 2007, 08:34
Personally, I wouldn't call anything Jeff Lynne has ever worked on a "joke."  From his time with the Idle Race and the Move to the glory days of ELO and then his work with George Harrison, Tom Petty, the Traveling Wilburys, the Beatles, the Everly Brothers, and others, he has always been the consummate professional musician, producer, and songwriter.

O.K.--Zoom is not the greatest "ELO" album of all time, I think we're all in agreement on that.  But it's not a "joke" either.  There are some great songs on there.  Give it another listen.

Is this an ELO fan site or what?

Title: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: whiskeygirl on May 09, 2007, 12:07
Quote from: "jeffelofan"
O.K.--Zoom is not the greatest "ELO" album of all time, I think we're all in agreement on that.  But it's not a "joke" either.  There are some great songs on there.  Give it another listen.

Is this an ELO fan site or what?

I didn't mean joke musically (although it's far from being one of my favourites, that's for sure). I meant 'joke' in calling it an ELO album when there's no band on it.

It's a Jeff solo album and in my opinion ought to be regarded as such.


Title: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: tabruns on Jun 05, 2007, 07:51
Lydion: I think 'Eldorado' is a critical hit because it has some great lyrics and at that time it was quite a bold musical experiment.  "Can't Get It Out Of My Head" is a gorgeous song.  I for one don't fathom why some ELO fans think 'Time' is a classic....I like the album and it has some great songs, but for me the sound is far too heavy and too full of chirps and whirls and sound effects.  I prefer the 'classic' ELO sound of 'A New World Record' and 'Out Of The Blue'.

re 'Zoom': It really is more of a Lynne solo work in terms of sound, but it does have some really nice tunes on it.

re 'Balance of Power': I agree that the album cover sucks and that its too short of an album.

I think Jeff should strive to make an album reminiscent of the sound of ELO's three best-selling albums and call it 'Discovery of a New Blue Record'.  ;)

Title: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: Lydion on Jun 06, 2007, 10:44
We all have various taste in music. And we all were born in different times and places and had our own introduction to ELO. Mine were "Time" and I was also very familiar with "Discovery" from radio. I was born in 1974. My older sister had "Time" on tape and I took it and wore it out. I also loved the song "Can't get it out of my head" when I first heard it and I still do. But "Eldorado" for me was like a different kind of ELO. I have always have trouble liking ELO's first four albums, although I love "Can't get it out of my head" and "Showdown". "Eldorado" never meant much to me, while "Time" just blew me away and still does. Perhaps had I been born 10 years earlier I would have a different opinion. But for me "Time" was the album that formed my musical taste for my future. I was actually surprised when I heard "The Move" many years later, for I thought Jeff Lynne didn't have any good songs back then because I thought it would sound similar to their first album. But I find the songs "Words of Aaron" "Message from the country" and "What" to be very nice songs. In late 80's I learned to like progressive music as well. It started with "Foxtrot" by Genesis, and then I got to like Yes and other progressive groups. But I hate progressive groups like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. It doesn't mean they are bad for everyone else I know love them. But for me they never worked. I love the ELO albums between 1975 to 1985 and have always done. I got very disappointed when I heard "Zoom" for it sounded like a jam session to me. It's much the same with other artists I like. For example I love Paul McCartney's 70's and 80's music. But his two latest albums I think they are terrible. It's just that we all have our own tastes in music. Some music we fall in love with and some we don't even want to be friends with. And with every artist we all have some favorites and some dislikes. I think ELO between 1975 to 1985 is brilliant. It's just a handful of songs from that period that I do not like. I love all those albums, but if I had to compare albums to one another I would place them like I did above. And I think it was a bit shame with all of Jeff Lynne's hair, nothing to do with the music though. But he should in my opinion have made himself more available to all the girls who could have had the pleasure of admiring all of his face and not just parts. But I guess it was different times back then. Back in the 70's it was the music that was important and the uglier appearances the better. Today it is all about the looks and nothing about the music. ELO is quite unique because I find that every album sounds so differently. Every of their albums is a new experience. Yours truly blekksprutlangfinger@lycos.com

Title: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: ELONut on Jun 25, 2007, 02:31
here is mine

1. A New World Record.  Perfection  :D
2. Face The Music. Vastly under rated  :D
3. Out Of the Blue. No explanation needed  :D
4. Eldorado. Dreamy  :D
5. The Electric Light Orchestra (No Answer) Fantastic if uneven debut  :)
6. On the third Day. The Real ELO Without the 30 piece orchestra  :)
7. ELO 2. Kuiama the best thing on here progger's dream  :)
8. Secret Messages. The last real Elo album with Lou Clark Kelly and Mik Kaminski  :)
9. Balance Of Power. Synth Pop The first Jeff Lynne Solo  :?
10. Time. Vastly over rated new wave style  :(
11. Discovery. Disco Sucks :shock:
12. Zoom starring Jeff, jeff,jeff, jeff, jeff,jeff and Jeff Lynne ,good solo effort, bad ELO effort  :x

Title: Re: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: penneylane on Dec 08, 2009, 03:57
Recently become an Elo fan stated out buying greatest hits then moved on to the
more serious cds...like Elordoro, Time have to admit one of my favorites can agree
more with your review on song selection...moved on to New World Records how
can you not love this album...then Face The Music also like this cd....latest
Balance of Power can see why true ELO fans maynot like this cd....but I love
it...how can you not like Heaven Only Knows just beautiful next So Serious
I can rock my day away Getting to the Point, Is it Alright the cd is wonderful
thats for your reviews...  In the marekt to buy another cd what might make me
float away on a white cloud and see blue skies...Many thanks in adavance....
Dream on to he wonderful music of ELO

Title: Re: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: Mr.Wimp on Mar 07, 2010, 12:35
Love your reviews Lydion...I too love Time and don't quite get all the fuss over El Dorado so it seems like we have a common ground here...oh and I too am a Macca fan.

I too love Discovery despite the disco sound being a bit irritating in parts which sort of carried on into the  Xanadu album. My fave tracks on Discovery are Wishing, Need Her Love, Midnight Blue and of course Mr. Wimp.... ;)

Loving this forum already. :)

Title: Re: My personal ELO albums reviews
Post by: Zomer Boomer on May 18, 2010, 09:21
I LOVE Zoom. It would have more of an ELO sound if it had more keyboards and orchestra.