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1  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / Gotta go with "Time" on: Oct 22, 2006, 08:56
I think it's the most complete ELO album, as every song is great and the concept is solid. I think of it as the sequel to "Eldorado," complete with the instrumental leading into the best track and a solid theme throughout. After that, I'd rank the albums thusly:

  2.) "Out of the Blue"
  3.) "Eldorado"
  4.) "Secret Messages"
  5.) "A New World Record"
  6.) "Discovery"
  7.) "Balance of Power"
  8.) "On the Third Day"
  9.) "Face the Music"

  That's all I've heard. I still need to get "Zoom" and "Armchair Theater," as well as the first disc and the live stuff.
2  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / Ripping off "Sweet Talkin' Woman" on: Jul 07, 2006, 04:13
Has anybody else noticed that Huey Lewis and the News' "Do You Believe in Love?" copies this song's melody almost note for note? I'm not a big NL&N fan, although I did like "Perfect World." And I like "Do You Believe in Love?" Now I think I know why. Are there any other ELO melodies that are blatantly copied?
3  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / ELO thoughts from a relatively new poster on: Jul 07, 2006, 04:06
I'm suffering from insomnia this morning and have played several albums, including Wire's "Chairs Missing" and some Fiery Furnaces. Then I put in "Time" and realized that it might be the best pop album of all time. I vewi this album the way I view "Sunflower" by The Beach Boys: It's the maturity of a great idea, even if the original intentions (in the BBs' case, Brian Wilson, and in this case, the strings) aren't there. I see "Eldorado" as The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds," and even though I love both of those albums, I don't think they're nearly as good as their successors. What do you all think?
  I've read that Jeff wrote "Out of the Blue" in a week. I love this disc; it's among my 10 favorites of all time, and I have about 600 CDs. But I have to ask: Was he on coke or amphetamines when he wrote this? Coming up with this many great melodies in such a short period of time, after suffering from writer's block, seems almost impossible, if not inhuman.
4  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / RE: Any other reissues planned? on: May 25, 2006, 08:55
So, are you saying that Jeff will have to record another new ELO album before we get any other remasters? I'm guessing that few of you think that's much of a possibility, but I could be wrong.
5  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / Any other reissues planned? on: May 24, 2006, 10:21
I read here that No Answer and II are set for remastered re-releases with bonus tracks. What about some of the other albums? As I was building up my collection, I was surprised that Secret Messages was remastered with bonus tracks, yet the far-superior (in my opinion, and I like SM) Time hadn't been. Nor had A New World Record, Out of the Blue or Face the Music, all of which seem like good candidates. Why haven't those discs been given the treatment, and does anybody know if they will?

  For that matter, has there ever been talk of a special edition of Secret Messages released as a double album?

6  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / Another person new to the board on: May 23, 2006, 07:48
Hey there. I'm Brian, I'm 31 and I live in Oregon. I got into ELO after getting into the Beatles and, to a much greater extent, the Beach Boys in my early and mid-20s. I bought my first ELO album in 2001 despite my then-girlfriend's protests, as her father had listened to the greatest-hits stuff and she'd hated it. I lucked into buying "Eldorado," and of course, I loved it.

She demanded to know what I was listening to in the shower while I played "Can't Get it Out of My Head" and "Mister Kingdom" in the shower and admitted that she thought it was pretty good stuff. I found "Out of the Blue" at a used record store in Iowa, where we lived at the time, and was in love with the band from that point forward. I since have bought "A New World Record," "Discovery," "Out of the Blue," "Face the Music," "Time," "Secret Messages," "Balance of Power," "On the Third Day" and ELO II's "Moment of Truth."

I got used to being dissed for my fan-dom of the Beach Boys, and now I have to defend ELO to the ignorant. I'll admit that I don't think much of "Evil Woman" and "Strange Magic," but so many other tunes by this band have hooked me. I introduce it to other music fans by saying that "Out of the Blue" is the best collection of songs that ELO has released, and (surprise) "Time" is the best actual album, edging out "Eldorado." I have yet to buy "Zoom" or the first two albums, let alone any live stuff. What do you all suggest that I buy next?

I thought Brian Wilson was underappreciated, but man, Jeff Lynne might be the most underappreciated artist in rock history. It's a crime that more people don't know at least 20 ELO songs by heart.

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