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Author Topic: K-Tel, Tosca take on ELO  (Read 2376 times)
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« on: Aug 25, 2006, 05:45 »

K-Tel, Tosca take on ELO

Updated: 8/24/2006 1:35:12 PM
By: Andy Langer
K-tel Hit Machine is a cover band. They play weddings. But this isn't your average wedding-playing cover band with Trish and Darrin Murphy, Johnny Goudie and members of the Real Heroes. This is a band with plenty of practical experience, experience they use to flawlessly reproduce classic ?70s AM Gold. They pride themselves on being a serious cover band, without taking any of it too seriously.

"We take the music seriously enough to do it justice, but we also throw in the all the kitsch and to make fun of it while we do it. I believe that because we take it seriously, the kitsch is that much more effective,? Murphy said.

On Friday night at Antone's, K-Tel will join forces with the city's premier string quartet, Tosca, to celebrate the work of Electric Light Orchestra, ELO, the classic ?70s hit makers that used pop, disco through ridiculously intricate arrangements and production. And just as K-Tel itself came together on a whim, so too did this collaboration with what they thought was a more serious-minded set of musicians.

"We played a wedding together and we were all talking afterwards with Tosca. We thought we should do something together. And it's one of those things you say in Austin but never do. But somehow somebody really took it seriously and we ended up here doing it,? Goudie said.

?We'd always idolized them from afar. They're incredible musicians and they've toured with all these amazing people, but they like to geek out too. It was really refreshing to find that,? Murphy said.

Particularly for their ELO tribute, the genius is in the details; folks used to sloppy bar-band hoot nights and tributes may be surprised by the just-like-the-album note-for-note attention to detail.

"What sets this apart from a [Rolling] Stones hoot night where there's no rehearsals and you just jump up and play, is that this is something you really do have to work out. There's humongous string arrangements and lots of backup vocals. The songs are very intricate. They spent way too much time in the studio,? Goudie said.

As intricate as K-Tel and Tosca's ELO tribute may be, there's also plenty of tongue in cheek- nobody in either band denies this is a project with an unusually high cheese factor.

"We're playing ?Xanadu.? It doesn't get much cheesier than ?Xanadu.? We're just taking the cheese and running with it,? Goudie said.

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