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Author Topic: Is it Really Beyond Imagination? For ELO to RETURN?  (Read 8111 times)
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« on: Oct 28, 2006, 12:42 »

Maybe if Jeff Lynne gets invited to the Carl Wayne tribute show ,and actually shows up! then there could be some interesting banter between Jeff,Roy and Bev (the original ELO) and who knows (In my Dreams of course) They could maybe work together again and maybe rekindle their enthuisiasm for the original concept! Now that would be BIG news and guarantee loads of media and fan interest!. As for Kelly and Mik ,well you cant blame them for trying to keep the sound alive I mean they are fine musicians but if only Jeff could forgive them for their "mortal sins" and draft them back HOME ,I mean its not as if any of the former ELO guys are setting the charts alight anymore BUT if there is a God then anything is possible. It would be HUGELY Successful! just think for a moment how exciting it would be!
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« Reply #1 on: Feb 04, 2007, 06:11 »

Well, I hope Jeff Lynne will still release many more albums under whichever name. I'm pretty sure he's got quite a number of potential single hits in him or even already demoed in some way, but ELO are basically a catalog artist these days. The current business model that their label worked out with Jeff appears to be the current reissues that are being released to the public only after periods of extensive attention build-up. The role of the bonus tracks therein is basically to build up attention. Unfortunately, until all of them are out, it doesn't seem likely that we see further new Jeff releases, because that might interfere with marketing the reissues in the described way.
With the latest touring lineup of ELO having included Jeff, Richard and studio pros the Bissonette brothers, it appears very unlikely that he would reunite with "Part 2".
On the other hand, I could imagine Jeff playing a select number of dates with a band that also includes Richard Tandy, but you all know he doesn't really like to tour. So all there is at the moment is really just the excitement building up for the reissues - and hopefully some new stuff that Jeff is working on in his sound laboratory of a house.
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« Reply #2 on: Jul 24, 2008, 06:34 »

First off. Nice to see this forum back up.

Secondly. I believe that Jeff is in semi-retirement at the moment and puts in an apprearance wherever he feels like it.

Sony and EMI who handle The ELO Library are sitting on their collective butts not doing anything to help the situation since The Remasters were put out.

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« Reply #3 on: Feb 25, 2010, 03:03 »

We could all dream and maybe one day our dream will be reality...peace
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« Reply #4 on: Dec 26, 2015, 01:47 »

Well, I have the benefit of hindsight, provided by five more years since the last post...

So in late 2015 Jeff Lynne launches Jeff Lynne's ELO. Now in the excitement of all that I finally started buying ELO Part II, The Orchestra and OrKestra albums.

So overall, and having watched a documentary a couple of years back on BBC 4 where Bev Bevan was interviewed a few years ago and you could see the acrimony still bubbling below the surface. Now I know Bev and Jeff must have come to some kind of agreement, or their legal teams did, circa 1999/2000 when Bev packed in his membership of ELO Part II and sold his 50% share of the name Electric Light Orchestra to Jeff, but the documentary was filmed post 2000 and so there is still acrimony I would say. I believe Bev made reference to the fact that when Jeff said there would not be another ELO album in 1988 that he, Bev, "...still had a mortgage to pay off..."

Since the original post in this thread we have sadly lost Kelly Groucutt, member of ELO, ELO Part II and of course co-founder of OrKestra but yeah in a dream world wouldn't it be great if members of ELO, ELO Part II and The Orchestra all joined forces and formed a reborn ELO?

Well, I honestly don't think it will happen. Much as I love Jeff's work, and I have tickets for the Glasgow gig of Jeff Lynne's ELO which cost me 460 for two tickets...  Shocked ...well I'd waited 40 years to go to an ELO gig and in 1999 I foolishly didn't go to an ELO Part II gig in Carlisle when I was working and staying only a mile away. When I was a child I drew stick men drawings of ELO concerts, dreaming that one day I would go to one!

Okay but having now heard the two ELO Part II albums, and The Orchestra's album and the compilation album by OrKestra, I would say that these bands are as much a part of the ELO legacy as anything spearheaded by Jeff. Yes he wrote a large proportion of the songs, but during the height of ELO's success it was not just all about Jeff, even if today's Jeff Lynne's ELO may well be. The Kaminski strings, the Clark arrangements, the Bevan drums, the Groucutt vocals, the Tandy keyboards, these were, and are on CD, tape and vinyl, essential elements of the original ELO.

Just like apostolic succession in Christian churches, OrKestra, ELO Part II and The Orchestra are all chips off the original block, just as much as Jeff Lynne's ELO. But a reunion of the original whole 'church' of ELO, no I don't think, for reasons stated above and in any case, to paraphrase the title of the first studio album and second ELO album I had in my collection, the biggest enemy a reformation of ELO has is TIME! It waits for no man or woman or rock band.

Bev Bevan is 71
Louis Clark is 68
Jeff Lynne is 67
Richard Tandy is 67
Mik Kaminski is 64

And members of ELO Part II and The Orchestra not in ELO?

Eric Troyer is 66
Parthenon Huxley is 59

Okay you get the picture, time is not on their side any more, so unless Bev and Jeff bump into each other in the paint section of Homebase in Selly Oak and make friends again and agree to give it one last hurrah then I don't think we will see just one reformed ELO again.

But we have the vinyl records, tapes and CDs to remember them by. And we have The Orchestra and now Jeff Lynne's ELO still performing live. Something that won't last forever. As well as going to see Jeff Lynne's ELO in a few months' time I hope that The Orchestra will maybe do some European gigs this coming year, 2016 and I can get to see another of the 'family' perform their part of the original ELO dream. Even if it is a disparate 'family'!

So when I tell people I am an 'ELO fan', what I really am saying is, "I am an ELO, OrKestra, ELO Part II, The Orchestra, Jeff Lynne's ELO fan!"

Thank you for reading!

Miceal  Smiley
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