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16  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / Re: RE: VH1 should include ELO... on: Feb 08, 2006, 04:32
Quote from: "Anonymous"
i agree...it's stupid VH1 completly ignores ELO

I guess that depends on where you live. VH1 Europe repeated ELO Storytellers over and over and over for years. ELO videos were not very good and that might be one reason why you never see them on tv today.
17  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / ELO's First Two Albums on: Feb 08, 2006, 04:27
Quote from: "MARK"
To Me the best albums where Jeff Lynne was at his best with ELO was Time, Out Of The Blue, Secret Messages, Discovery, & in part Xanadu, Time was my first LP of ELO and to me Jeff Lynne is a God in the 70s & 80s music & Secret Messages was well before it's time and proved Jeff Lynne was a God in his work.

At last! Someone who agrees with me about Xanadu, the music that got me into ELO in the first place. Time is my all time favorite album and I love discovery too. About the first two albums, I like only Roy Wood's First Movement and Whisper in the Night from ELO and From the Sun to the World from ELO II.
18  ELOFANS.COM / ELO member projects / Re: Bev back with the boys in the band (comment) on: Feb 05, 2006, 06:20
Quote from: "Anonymous"
I know that this is an ELO discussion area but one last comment about pink floyd to
This was posted on Roger waters online fairly recently:


Roger Waters may play again with Pink Floyd
___ Roger Waters has told Italian journalists he may well play again with Pink Floyd. Also Roger mentioned the fact that his Father's death in Italy has meant he feels close to the country.

"Playing again together at Live 8, doing the old songs, was very moving. For over 20 years David and I maintained extreme positions but now I realise that my behavior was very childish. As in all things one has to find common ground, meet halfway. That's why I can say today that you never know, it could happen."

"Politicians never turn down cheap publicity and getting a photo session with a rock star is just that, even for (British Prime Minister) Tony Blair. But the reality is that just the other day it was decided to forgive part of the Third World's debt. But much more needs to be done, if we do not do something to resolve the disparity between the rich and poor we run the risk that the anger of the poor will explode. This could even happen in the United States where the rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer."

"My father is buried in Anzio, where he was killed during the Allied landing. This makes me feel very close to Italy."  

Well I think that is a monumental step in the right direction and very surprising that roger is making the first move.

Harrisburg, PA. USA

Sorry to stay off topic, but just one last word...this came out on February 4, 2006


About talk in the media of upcoming Pink Floyd reunion shows at London's Royal Albert Hall at the end of the year, the band themselves have come together to officially deny these rumours.

Their statement advises that David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright are joined by Roger Waters in categorically stating that there is no truth in the recent news reports about a Pink Floyd tour planned for this Autumn.

David Gilmour said: ?Since Live 8 there are certain sections of the media that have deliberately misled fans and public by inventing stories and quotes about Pink Floyd touring: Nick, Richard, Roger and I are telling fans directly that this is not happening. We are also asking the various parties who are fabricating these stories to desist, if only for the sake of the fans.?

Please do not believe ticket agents, parts of the media with "exclusives" from "band insiders", and any other places claiming to know different! Should any decision be made for ANY activity, it will be announced properly through official channels. All that these false announcements have done have cruelly raised the hopes and expectations of fans worldwide, as is clear from our email inbox!

Doesn't sound like the olive branch was accepted.

19  ELOFANS.COM / ELO Audio and Video / Re: Night Calls on: Oct 30, 2005, 07:43
Quote from: "Utter"
I absolutely love this song and I wonder how much Jeff did with it..heard that he wrote everything.

I have the album and the song was written and produced by Jeff and he played all the instruments except for the drums (Jim Keltner) and guitar (Mike Campbell).

20  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / Jeff Lynne & Sir George Martin on: Jul 29, 2005, 06:02
Batles Anthology 1

Producers: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Richard Starkey, Jeff Lynne (disc 1, track 1); Bert Kaempfert (disc 1, tracks 10-12); George Martin (disc 1, tracks 14, 20-26; disc 2, tracks 8, 10-12, 17-26); Mike Smith (disc 1, tracks 15-19); Terry Henebery (disc 1, track 27); Klas Burling (disc 1, tracks 30-34); Jack Good (disc 2, tracks 13-16).

Compilation producer: George Martin.

1.   Free As A Bird
2.   Speech: John Lennon
3.   That'll Be The Day - (mono, The Quarry Men)
4.   In Spite Of All The Danger - (mono, The Quarry Men)
5.   Speech: Paul McCartney
6.   Hallelujah, I Love Her So - (mono)
7.   You'll Be Mine - (mono)
8.   Cayenne - (mono)
9.   Speech: Paul
10.   My Bonnie - (with Tony Sheridan)
11.   Ain't She Sweet
12.   Cry For A Shadow
13.   Speech: John
14.   Speech: Brian Epstein
15.   Searchin' - (mono)
16.   Three Cool Cats - (mono)
17.   Sheik Of Araby, The - (mono)
18.   Like Dreamers Do - (mono)
19.   Hello Little Girl - (mono)
20.   Speech: Brian Epstein
21.   Besame Mucho - (mono)
22.   Love Me Do - (mono, alternate version, with Pete Best)
23.   How Do You Do It - (mono)
24.   Please Please Me - (mono, early version)
25.   One After 909 - (mono, false starts)
26.   One After 909 - (mono, 1963 version)
27.   Lend Me Your Comb - (mono)
28.   I'll Get You - (mono, live)
29.   Speech: John
30.   I Saw Her Standing There - (mono, live)
31.   From Me To You - (mono, live)
32.   Money (That's What I Want) - (mono, live)
33.   You Really Got A Hold On Me - (mono, live)
34.   Roll Over Beethoven - (mono, live)

1.   She Loves You - (mono, live)
2.   Till There Was You - (mono, live)
3.   Twist And Shout - (mono, live)
4.   This Boy - (mono, from "The Morecambe And Wise Show")
5.   I Want To Hold Your Hand - (mono, from "The Morecambe And Wise Show")
6.   Speech: Eric Morecambe And Ernie Wise
7.   Moonlight Bay - (mono, from "The Morecambe And Wise Show")
8.   Can't Buy Me Love - (alternate take)
9.   All My Loving - (mono, live, from "The Ed Sullivan Show")
10.   You Can't Do That - (alternate take)
11.   And I Love Her - (alternate version)
12.   Hard Day's Night, A - (alternate take)
13.   I Wanna Be Your Man - (from "Around The Beatles" TV show)
14.   Long Tall Sally - (from "Around The Beatles" TV show)
15.   Boys - (from "Around The Beatles" TV show)
16.   Shout - (from "Around The Beatles" TV show)
17.   I'll Be Back - (demo)
18.   I'll Be Back - (alternate take)
19.   You Know What To Do - (demo)
20.   No Reply - (demo)
21.   Mr. Moonlight - (alternate version)
22.   Leave My Kitten Alone
23.   No Reply - (alternate take)
24.   Eight Days A Week - (false starts)
25.   Eight Days A Week - (alternate take)
26.   Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! - (alternate take)
21  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / Jeff Lynne & Sir George Martin on: Jul 29, 2005, 05:56
Beatles Anthology 2:

Producers: Jeff Lynne, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr (disc 1, track 1); George Martin (disc 1, tracks 2-8, 14-23; disc 2, tracks 2-12, 14-20); George Martin, Chris Thomas (disc 2, track 13). Compilation producer: George Martin. Engineers: Geoff Emerick, Jon Jacobs (disc 1, track 1); Norman Smith (disc 1, tracks 2-8, 14-16); Geoff Emerick (disc 1, tracks 17-23; disc 2, tracks 2-12, 14-15); Geoff Emerick, Jeff Jarratt (disc 2, track 13); Ken Scott (disc 2, tracks 16-18, 20); Ken Scott, Geoff Emerick (disc 2, track 19).

1. Real Love
  2. Yes It Is - (combination of take 2 and master)
  3. I'm Down - (take 1)
  4. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - (take 5, mono)
  5. If You've Got Trouble - (previously unreleased)
  6. That Means A Lot - (previously unreleased)
  7. Yesterday - (take 1, Paul McCartney solo)
  8. It's Only Love - (false start and take 2, mono)
  9. I Feel Fine - (mono, live)
  10. Ticket To Ride - (mono, live)
  11. Yesterday - (mono, live)
  12. Help! - (mono, live)
  13. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby - (mono, live)
  14. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - (take 1)
  15. I'm Looking Through You - (alternate take)
  16. 12-Bar Original - (previously unreleased)
  17. Tomorrow Never Knows - (take 1, "Mark 1")
  18. Got To Get You Into My Life - (take 5, mono)
  19. And Your Bird Can Sing - (take 2)
  20. Taxman - (take 11)
  21. Eleanor Rigby - (TRUE instrumental)
  22. I'm Only Sleeping - (mono, instrumental rehearsal instrumental)
  23. I'm Only Sleeping - (take 1, mono)
  24. Rock And Roll Music - (mono, live)
  25. She's A Woman - (mono, live)
   DISC 2:
  1. Strawberry Fields Forever - (mono, demo)
  2. Strawberry Fields Forever - (take 1)
  3. Strawberry Fields Forever - (take 7, mono)
  4. Penny Lane - (alternate mix)
  5. Day In The Life, A - (alternate take blend of alternate takes)
  6. Good Morning Good Morning - (take Cool
  7. Only A Northern Song - (alternate take blend of alternate takes)
  8. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! - (take takes 1 & 2)
  9. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! - (take 7)
  10. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - (alternate mix)
  11. Within You Without You - (TRUE instrumental)
  12. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) - (take 5, mono)
  13. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) - (extended, stereo version)
  14. I Am The Walrus - (take 16)
  15. Fool On The Hill, The - (mono, Paul McCartney demo)
  16. Your Mother Should Know - (take 27)
  17. Fool On The Hill, The - (take 4, alternate version)
  18. Hello, Goodbye - (take 16)
  19. Lady Madonna - (alternate mix)
  20. Across The Universe - (take 2)
22  ELOFANS.COM / ELO Audio and Video / Re: RE: Re: RE: Livin on: Jul 26, 2005, 07:43
Quote from: "Judemac"
Have no idea if Jeff did very much drug experimentation though...

Nope. Liked drinking beer though.
23  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / Re: RE: Jeff Lynne Solo Album on: Jul 23, 2005, 12:36
Quote from: "Judemac"
Quote from: "Admin"
Back in the 90s, the Reprise records internet web site had his second solo album scheduled for release during 1996, then kept pushing it back with "to be scheduled" in 1997, 1998, and 1999. A change in management at Warner Brothers is thought to be the reason why it never came out. The songs from that unreleased solo album are thought to have been used for Zoom. A good indicator that the solo album morphed into Zoom, is that saxophonist Dave Boruff was only asked to contribute to Jeff's "solo album '99".

Thanks admin for the information, It was probably a good idea to make it a ELO project. Even though I thought "Armchair theatre" was a very good solo effert, the ELO tag makes for a more commercial product.
Judemac at the beach in Southern California...


Not really. It wasn't very successful and most critics questioned the validity of a one-man band being called ELO.
24  ELOFANS.COM / ELO influenced bands / Ghastly Jeff Lynne Tribute Album on: Jul 17, 2005, 04:37
I agree. I started to listen to it and gave up.

25  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / Further Remasters Of ELO Albums on: Jul 17, 2005, 04:35
I have an interview with Jeff in which he said when asked why "Beatles Forever" wasn't included.

"I really don't  know why that wasn't included - just kidding.  It's just one I'd rather keep in the cupboard....it's so fawning ya know, it's so over the top. Ya know. Well maybe one day we'll put it out, but I'd sooner redo it or something."

So don't hold your breath.

26  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / Re: RE: Re: RE: elo,spice, and everything nice! on: Jul 14, 2005, 04:12
Quote from: "ELOISM"
I know the story about Landy. And I will add that although he was an evil individual, Brian Wilson owes that man his life. I will probably use the Beach Boys as a comparative example that a band can continue on without its founder. That is the reason. To be honest I do not know why I mentioned Landy. Sorry to branch off into that tangent.

from what I have read on other ELO forum, Bob Geldorl does not like ELO.
27  ELOFANS.COM / ELO Audio and Video / Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: unreleased stuff on: Jul 13, 2005, 12:30
Quote from: "ELOISM"
How about that 80s film ELECTRIC DREAMS. Did Jeff Lynne have anything to do with the title song? Heard that he was on the soundtrack somewhere.
Did the song Video have any relation? Is that the one I'm thinking of?

Jeff did Video and Let It Run, but not the title song.
28  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / Re: ELO spaceship vs. Boston spaceship on: Jul 11, 2005, 05:39
Quote from: "Bluefalcon"
Who would win?

I saw this poll on a classic rock forum. Here it should be a no-brainer. Over there I had to post pictures of all the albums that had the spaceship on the cover after one bloke said that it had appeared only on two.
29  ELOFANS.COM / ELO Audio and Video / Re: DID ANYONE LISTEN TO THE ELO DOCO ON BBC2? on: Jul 07, 2005, 04:18
Quote from: "beachboy"
Did you hear it> what are your thoughts?

We heard it and posted our thoughts. Did you read them?

What about your thoughts?

30  ELOFANS.COM / Jeff Lynne and ELO / what is said in "sweet talkin' woman"? on: Jul 07, 2005, 04:11
According to the Rockaria complet lyrics website


   I was searchin' SEARCHIN' on a one-way street,
   I was hopin' HOPIN' for a chance to meet.
   I was waitin' for the operator on the line.

            SHE'S GONE SO LONG  What can I do?
            WHERE COULD SHE BE? No no no,
            don't know what I'm gonna do,
            I gotta get back to you.

Actually on the album it is "Where did ya go?"

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