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Author Topic: Out Of The Blue  (Read 19959 times)
« Reply #30 on: Jul 07, 2006, 06:57 »

For me, what made OOTB so special is simply the sound of the album.  It is perhaps the most beautifully produced/recorded album of all time.  If you listen to all of ELO's work up to that time, each album got progressively better sounding as Jeff's confidence in the studio grew and as the 1970s recording technology improved.  Face The Music sounded better than Eldorado, A New World Record sounded better than Face The Music, etc...

Similarly, after OOTB, the albums didn't quite sound as big or as full, particularly with respect to the drums and the strings.  There is an absolutely huge drum sound on OOTB that is never heard again.  The strings are also very prominent and it is obvious that a lot of planning went into their scoring.  

Unfortunately, the CD version of OOTB never really had the punch of the original vinyl.  Hopefully, the upcoming remaster will capture that incredible sound.

I'd be curious to hear some other thoughts on this...
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« Reply #31 on: Sep 01, 2006, 07:54 »

OUT OF THE BLUE is my second favorite ELO album because there are so many potential hit singles on it.  This is particularly amazing considering that its a double album.

In fact there are so many "sounds like a hit" songs on OUT OF THE BLUE that its easier to list those that don't sound like singles: "Believe Me Now", "Jungle", possibly "The Whale"  just due its being an instrumental (although its a VERY catchy instrumental IMO).

"Night In The City", "Starlight", and "Standin' In The Rain" all got radio play in my area while OUT OF THE BLUE was selling.

BTW a song that absolutely should have been released: "Sweet Is The Night".
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« Reply #32 on: Sep 06, 2006, 10:41 »

its discovery for me

'll tell you once more before i get of this board don't bring me down
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